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Design a stylish concrete kitchen with IKEA cabinets and cover them with concrete – concrete drawer fronts, sides, plinths and cabinet concrete doors. The concrete fronts fit perfectly with IKEA frames, with pre-drilled holes in the concrete for hinges. Install them just as you would any other door or drawer front, skirting or side.

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Concrete benefits you just can’t beat

For more than 10 years we have been making countertops for some of the best looking and functioning homes and professional kitchens in Scandinavia. It’s time we turn our skills sideways. FRONCRETE fronts and sides are fully concrete, waterproof, scratch agnostic, easily modifiable, repairable, and recyclable and adhere to the strictest of standards while being completely unique at the same time. Beat that!

A solid piece of special blend concrete

Our doors and countertops are solid concrete, no laminate or ersatz trickery involved whatsoever. This is possible because they are made of a special mortar blend, developed by us, exactly for this application, in cooperation with TalTech University.

It has been painstakingly developed to be more water and stain proof than traditional mortars and is specially designed for casting our products. It is also significantly lighter - light enough, in fact, to work well with standard fittings and hinges that come with your IKEA frames.

Waterproof, partial even

Our concrete doors and countertops are treated with organic wax so they do not absorb water or let dirt get into the air bubbles that make FRONCRETE so attractive. This means you can safely have fun in the kitchen, without worrying about spilling water or anything else (within reason).

Hell, you can even hose these surfaces down like an old Land Rover after a good rummage in the mud. (before you do this, check that everything else in your kitchen is as water friendly as FRONCRETE).

Scratch agnostic, infinitely repairable

It will take a special event or effort to scratch FRONCRETE surfaces, but when you eventually do, these scratches will give your surfaces more character and serve as a reminder of all the fun you had together. Just like Iggy Pop, FRONCRETE never gets old and tired, it just gets more cool and full of character with every scratch and spill.

But should you still want to get rid of these mementos, the concrete is almost infinitely repairable (check out our our repair kits and videos) so you can easily erase the past and go on without having to replace anything.

Modify to fit your space

Even the most standard kitchen is not completely standard. We developed FRONCRETE so it can be cut and drilled with the tools provided in our installation kits (these tools are also available in any local hardware store worth their salt). Cut in straight lines, curves or other complex shapes, drill holes as needed, give it a quick sanding afterwards and you are set for life.

A friendly tip: some experience, a steady hand, effective dust collection and good eye protection will go a long way so if you are not an avid DIY’er, get your friendly neighbourhood handy-man to help out.

Uniquely standard

Although the shapes and sizes of our products adhere to a strict standard to within nanometers, the surfaces will always be unique.

As every door and panel is poured, the material takes on complex shapes and patterns formed by air and moisture escaping, this makes every door, every panel, every kitchen unique. Which, coincidentally, makes it OK to recommend FRONCRETE to your friends and family - their solution will definitely be slightly different than yours.

Recycle like everyone’s watching

Should your time together with FRONCRETE draw to an end, you can re-use the panels as needed for construction or furniture making or simply and safely recycle them with regular construction material, no hazardous material or furniture recycling surcharges will apply.

Or maybe just ship them back to us, we’ll give them new life in new homes for decades to come.

Shipping and policies

Estimated time to shipping*

18 May - 01 Jun

The shipping cost is subject to the size, weight and Your location of the Products You ordered. The total price for the products and the shipping will be presented at the check-out. Please note that transport cost presented you in check-out process is estimated and will be presented you in Froncrete order confirmation sent to you by e-mail. The reason is that we would like to keep shipping costs as low as possible for you and we might be able to consolidate different deliveries to Your region or for bigger orders ask special transport offer from our logistics partners.

We offer a range of different shipping methods and delivery terms and conditions depending on the product, the weight of your order and where you are located. Estimated delivery cost will be presented at the Check-out. Precise delivery cost and delivery time will be presented to you on the Order Confirmation by email to offer you the best possible option i.e. for bigger orders we might take you a personal shipping offer, some order to the same region can be consolidated etc.

Froncrete offers You the possibility of delivery directly to Your home address, which means as close to Your door or property line as the delivery truck can get.

Should Products not be collected, they will be returned to Froncrete nearest warehouse and for non-collected Products, We will charge you for the costs incurred in connection with the return. These costs consist of return shipping and any costs of storing Products in a warehouse before they can be returned. The cost of storing your goods in a warehouse is 50 Euro/day for deliveries of orders packed on pallets or similar goods carrier.

Should Products not be received at home delivery, they will be returned to Us and for products received by the customer Froncrete will charge you for the costs incurred in connection with the return. These costs consist of return shipping and any costs of storing Products in a warehouse before they can be returned. The cost of storing your goods in a warehouse is 50 Euro/day for deliveries of orders packed on pallets or similar goods carrier.

Products made to order will normally be shipped from the joinery after 4-6 weeks. Confirmed deliverytime will be presented on Order Confirmation sent to you by e-mail.

Unforeseen problems or delays with the manufacturing of your products may affect your delivery time. Also, holiday periods may cause longer delivery times than specified on the website. The Company will do its best to inform You about this and keep you informed about any delays concerning your delivery.

When the order leaves our production site, Froncrete will as a service to You as a customer, send out an e-mail containing a tracking link that can be used to track your order. It is Your as a customer responsibility to be aware about the shipping times and details after receiving tracking information from Froncrete by email. In any case the tracking information is not valid contact immediately Froncrete customer service.

The delivery time for Your Products should always be seen as an estimation indicating when the Product/s will be delivered. We cannot give You an exact delivery date and time for Your placed order.

Please note, changing the delivery details after receiving Order Confirmation may influence the estimated delivery time.

When You receive your delivery from Froncrete, it is up to You as a customer to urgently examine and check if the packaging and the product are damaged. 

Any eventual damages on the package and/or Product must be noted on the delivery notice before the supplier leaves the point of delivery.

Any possible damages on the package and/or Product must be documented with photos, with and without the packaging, and communicated with the shipping company within 7 days of delivery.

Our liability to you for any loss or damage arising in connection with your order on the website is limited to the total amount of your order. Froncrete has no liability for indirect losses.

Should We have reason to question your ability to pay, the Company reserves the right to stop the shipment and has no obligation to make the delivery until full payment of the order has been provided to Froncrete, or until another agreement has been made.

*This is an estimate based on the purchase date and production time. Other factors, such as placing an order on weekend/holiday, may push shipping beyond this date. The carrier's time is not included, normally 2-7 days.

Refund Policy

Consumers within EU and EEA have a 14 days right of withdrawal for goods purchased on distance from the day you received your products. This means that You as a customer must notify Froncrete that you withdraw Your purchase within 14 days from the day you received the delivery of goods, please note that Froncrete will only refund you for the products purchased not any cost associated with shipping, transportation and/or payment fees or charges. This can be made by contacting Froncrete customer service via e-mail, clearly stating that you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal.

Please note that the right of withdrawal is furthermore only applicable when purchasing goods from the regular assortment from our webpage. This means, that there is no right of withdrawal when purchasing a Product that is made to a customer unique specification, such as measures, color or milled holes according to the customer’s choice.

When exercising the right of withdrawal, reimbursement of the purchase price is made as soon as possible, however at latest 14 days after Froncrete receives the customer’s notification of withdrawal. Froncrete may withhold the payment until we have received the goods or you have proven that the goods have been sent back to us. The refund will be made to the source of original purchase unless otherwise agreed or if any issues arise.

When exercising the right of withdrawal, the customer is liable for reimbursing Froncrete for any diminished value of the Product resulting from the handling of the Product other than what is necessary. However, the customer is always entitled to control the condition of the Product upon delivery without being liable for any diminished value.

When exercising the right of withdrawal, the customer is liable for all costs related to the return freight.

Remember: Note that the return cost for shipping when invoking the right of withdrawal is likely to be more expensive than the shipping you paid to bring home the goods. This is due to the purchase of single freight services which are considerably more expensive than buying large shipping volumes. Should damage occur at such return shipping, compensation should be required from your shipping company. Therefore, look up the insurance conditions applicable to the shipping company you hire, so you know you are getting full compensation for any damage.

Since all our orders are unique we are not able to provide a rating card for return costs. If you have questions regarding how much a return freight would cost you, please contact our customer service by email, and they will do their best to provide you with an estimate.

The customer is responsible for making sure that the Product is returned in perfect condition. The Product must be returned well packaged in the same packaging it was delivered in or in packaging of equivalent quality. In case of return shipping when exercising the right of withdrawal, You are responsible for making sure that the Product is properly packaged so that the Product is not damaged during transport.

Froncrete reserves the right to refuse a return if any of the conditions stated above are not met. You bear the cost for the return freight, alternatively Froncrete may, charging an administrative fee, take care of the delivery, despite the conditions not being met.

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Kärdla, Estonia

We believe in skills, spills and time

Our skills enable us to do amazing things, the spills show that we had fun while trying something new, time turns spills into lessons and lessons into skills. This is what we and FRONCRETE are all about.

From the proud and sleepy shores of Hiiumaa

Hiiumaa is a small island in the Baltic Sea, just off the coast of Estonia. The folks here are tough, proud, sea-faring people with quirky humour and a very strong sense of identity.

We love the sea, the salty air, the fishing...but most of all we love doing impossible things our way!

Family matters

As two brothers, born and bread in Hiiumaa, we went our separate ways to study economics and engineering, trying our luck all over the world, designing and building trailers for cars and furniture for museums, helping to build and manage big businesses and small.

But the heart wants what it wants and we are happy to be back home, among the people we love, using our experience and skills to build a company that fulfils peoples dreams, our own among them.

FRONCRETE was founded in Hiiumaa, not just because it is our home, but because this crazy idea of building concrete doors for kitchens does not sound so crazy to the folks around here. So among the cheers and support from the community, we started our business in an old garage some 10 years ago, and haven’t looked back since.

A mighty little factory

In our little factory we also build and develop concrete products and parts for designers and furniture producers in Estonia, Scandinavia and around the world. This helps us with providing a stable workplace for our staff, and to hone our skills and techniques. It also helps with investing in increasingly better processes and equipment.

With people this dedicated it is truly amazing what you can achieve!

In cooperation with Pria and Leader program we have improved our production process with CNC cutting machine and work environment with water dust collector.

Also 3 pieces of planetary polishers help us to grind surfaces faster and better quality.

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